The question that started it all, the impetus for Goodwill Collective, pondered by our Directors.

Experienced management consultants, professionally 2019 presented the opportunity to be a part of some of the most iconic and largest community-shaping infrastructure projects in Australia’s recent history. Yet personally, each sought a deeper sense of purpose and a desire to make a more tangible impact on their community, to support those less fortunate.

Goodwill Collective was born as a platform to enable consultants and specialists to do exactly that.



Charities play an integral role in the fabric that binds communities together, they shine light into areas of our communities that require support. 

Despite passionate leaders and members, these groups often operate with limited financial resources and typically don’t have access to specialist expertise needed to drive their strategy forward.  

Goodwill Collective offer these organisations access to experts in their respective fields, who have worked for many of the consulting and professional services industry’s leading firms. This access provides the opportunity to make an even greater sustainable impact to the communities they serve. 

Goodwill Collective is a community in its own-right, providing its members an environment to build their professional networks, learn new skills, and contribute their skills and talents in a meaningful way to a company that shares their values.



We Listen, We Care, We Serve

We recognize our privilege and believe we have a responsibility to give back in the best way we can, with our specialist skills and expertise. We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and aspirations, then agree a plan to support them maximize their impact and achieve their objectives.


Specialist expertise, accessible to all

Goodwill Collective was born out of a deep sense of responsibility to make a positive impact and create a better world. We have the ability and resources to help organisations that do good, do better. Fundamental to achieving this is our belief that the best talent and advice should be made available to these organisations, without any associated fee.


Our clients win = the community wins

Our goal is to deliver exceptional outcomes to all our clients. When people talk about us, we want them to talk about how our advice helped them achieve more and increase their impact, our unwavering high standards of personal and professional conduct, and our commitment to speak honestly and respectfully. We know when our clients win, the community wins.

Are you a charity that requires support from Goodwill Collective or a professional that is interested in contributing their skills? If so, please reach out to us here.

Goodwill Collective’s Leadership Team

Tim Wildermuth
Managing Director and Head of Sponsorships

One of Goodwill Collective’s founders, Tim is living his passion of making a positive difference. At work, he is Principal at Deloitte within the Strategy and Operations Transformation team.  He is an admitted solicitor and holds a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from QUT. At home, Tim spends his time chasing after his new daughter, Mila, loves good food and is a long-suffering Arsenal fan!

Leon Gray
Director and Head of Marketing

A co-founder of Goodwill Collective, Leon is driven by providing optimum outcomes for his clients. He is a believer in supporting charities to achieve sustainable outcomes through the delivery of their works.

Leon excels in working with teams to understand their problems and identify solutions to achieve their goals. Leading multidisciplinary teams with complex stakeholder relations is one of Leon’s strengths.

Salima Rhemtulla
Director and Head of Consulting

Salima’s mission is to assist clients to identify and better understand their needs and of those they serve and to empower them to make well informed decisions that best deliver their intended benefits and meet their organisational objectives.

Salima is an experienced Business and Infrastructure Advisor and has worked in a range of sectors including health, education and transport. Salima is passionate about working and collaborating with her clients and stakeholders to find sustainable solutions to problems that put people and communities first.

Jonathan Gay
Director and Head of Memberships

Jonathan is currently a Director within Goodwill Collective and leads the Memberships team. He loves working collaboratively with the Goodwill Team, navigating through start-up challenges and planning through the chaos of problems & opportunities.

Client’s benefit from Jonathan’s level approach and rationale problem solving. He brings excitement and energy to any project team and works collaboratively with client’s to reach exceptional outcomes.

Manthan Shah
Director and Head of Operations

Manthan is the newest Director on the Goodwill Collective committee and heads the Operations team. Manthan joins us with 10+ years of experience in Operations, Logistics and Supply chain, and he is currently a Senior leader in Operations/Supply chain for Amazon Australia. 

He is passionate about partnering with NFP organizations to drive operational excellence by supporting them to develop long term strategies, finding operational efficiencies and simplifying complex business problems allowing them to achieve their vision & mission.

Clients benefit from Manthan’s ability to solve complex problems by engaging teams and coaching them to deep dive into data to find solutions. Manthan prides himself on his collaborative approach and has successfully led a number of projects amongst our Goodwill Collective charities.

In his spare time Manthan enjoys spending time with his partner and adventurous staffy Sophie! Together they have purchased a weatherboard renovation project, where he is learning new skills in painting and demolition.