Are you a charity that provides relief to people in distress or supports people in need?

Could free professional support help expand your reach and maximise your impact?

Goodwill Collective is here to help, and we’d love to discuss how we can support you and your cause. 

Goodwill Collective is passionate about helping change-makers and organisations that ‘do good’, do even BETTER.  

As a volunteer-based consultancy, we provide specialist consulting services pro-bono to Australian charities (Public Benevolent Institutions) – our belief is that these organisations deserve access to the best talent, without any associated financial burden. We work with these charities to support them to creative positive, lasting impacts to our community.

What services do we provide?

Goodwill Collective’s member community consists of specialist advisors in a broad range of sectors, with many providing professional services for leading global brands and major projects.

How can my organisation receive support?

Goodwill Collective follow a 5 step process to identify teams and solutions to help our charity clients.